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Buy Synthacaine Online

Buy Synthacaine Online


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Buy Synthacaine Online is a new class of psychoactive substance, sold as a legal stimulant and developed to mimic the effects of cocaine. It is sold on specialized sites under the name of “legal cocaine” and available at prices 2 to 4 times lower than those of cocaine. Here we report the case of a 30-year-old man, a regular consumer of various stimulant products (cocaine, amphetamines and various synthesized products ordered internally), hospitalized for an episode of acute anxiety associating a feeling of impending death to conduct self-harm. He associates his troubles with a recent consumption of synthacaine bought on the Internet “at unbeatable prices”. When he arrives, the patient says that he has not slept for a week, and displays visual hallucinations such as dysmorphophobia, which are responsible for massive anguish leading to acts of self-harm (burns). The patient describes the effects of synthacaine as being different from those of cocaine, which he is used to consuming, and with which his paranoid experiences do not persist. No biological samples for toxic research have been made. The entourage of the young man allowed us to recover the consumed product purchased on the Internet.


Very little scientific data concerning Buy Synthacaine Online is available , therefore different analytical methods have been used to help identify the compounds present in the white powder consumed: immuno-chromatography, immunoassays, HPLC-UV / BD , HPLC-MS / MS and GC-MS.


Rapid immunoassays gave positive responses for the amphetamine (Met-amphetamine and MDMA) families and negative for the following families or molecules: benzodiazepines, barbiturates, opiates, cocaine, THC, buprenorphine and methadone. The various chromatographic methods made it possible to identify the presence of the following molecules: lidocaine / N-methyl-2-aminoindan / 2-aminoindan (NM-2AI). These last 2 substances are molecules with stimulating effects close to amphetamines.


As a chemical entity, synthacaine does not exist, it is always a mixture of substances whose composition varies from one site to another. It usually contains, and at least a combination of local anesthetic and molecules chemically close to amphetamines. The synthacaine consumed by our patient is therefore the assembly of at least 3 molecules including 2 amphetamine analogues. If the name Buy Synthacaine Online suggests a simple composition well defined, trip-reports (feedback) are extremely variable from one user to another. This pharmacological variability seems to be more the consequence of a difference of composition than of an interindividual variability. The hallucinations caused by the mixture consumed by our patient is an example of “bad trip” not found on consumer forums, where the majority of trip-reports report effects, certainly stimulating, but more entactogenic and empathogenic.

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